Top tips for Puerto Natales, chile

Places that you cannot miss when visiting Puerto Natales for the first time, or if you are returning again. 


Santolla Restaurant

Santolla Restaurant: for local seafood, best instagram posts

THE LOWDOWN: You’ll get your dream trip Instagram post before you even walk in as the entire restaurant is built out of containers and attached to a hotel run by the same owners (an easy option for stumbling home after a few too many pisco sours?

We also recommend Noi Hotels which is walkable).



Last Hope Distillery

Cocktails and light bites that are literally made on premises. 

THE LOWDOWN: owners moved from Australia to Puerto Natales after the W Hike in Torres del Paine and seeing how few distilleries there were in the region. They've done it right with an on-site copper still where they dtistill locally sourced ingredients to capture the flavor of the region.


Aldea Restaurant:

For the most local, unique dinner experience

THE LOWDOWN: we had xx at dinner and were helped by x server. Opportunity to taste all of the local dishes - from guanaco to seafood and everything in between. (More details on dinner)