Hi!  Welcome to Amsterdam-based Release Travel.


We first created Release Travel with the aim of equipping and inspiring you to travel (and live) in a more sustainable, informed way.  But over time, the purpose of this space evolved.  Because real life is lived between the big trips, safaris, and mountain summits. 

What needs to be said more than ever before: "travel" is not about a blog, luxury hotel extras, or an indulgent Instagram feed (though no judgment: an unscripted pretty photo is a nice way to capture the memory).  What it is about is connecting directly with local cultures and supporting local economies.  It's a means of learning how other people live: how they thrive, how/if/why they struggle, and importantly - how they work to overcome their challenges.  It's about taking those findings - the good and the bad - back home to our every day lives.  And then getting to work on the problems. 

Change on a big scale requires a combination of awareness, consumer choice, collective action and policy change, and we hope to use this site as a space to cover these topics in as many ways as possible.  Every day - whether at home or on the road - should be devoted to learning about what we can each do as individuals to contribute to better global good - and then doing it. 

What you'll find here:

  • Thoughtful travel guides focused on local food / culture / immersion experiences
  • Expat lessons: living the expat lifestyle has allowed for great perspective and a bit of humor around the expected/unexpected cultural differences - it wouldn't be as fun if not shared!
  • Learnings and perspectives on sustainability, climate change, globalization, circular economy, and zero waste movements
  • What's going on in the world of innovation - the world is moving fast, and we're trying to keep up. Part of that is engaging in a dialogue with you all!
  • Healthy living: how we're living a minimalist, thoughtful, conscious lifestyle - and the brands, products & services supporting the behaviors and choices
  • Books/Documentaries/Articles which are serving us a heavy dose of inspiration/reality
  • Snapshots of our own projects/passions - because we hope to share what we love, in hopes to inspire that love in you, too!